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Joe envisions what others cannot imagine; his designs delightfully transform outdoor spaces into hubs of many happy returns. In addition to his extraordinary professional talent, he is a ‘salt of the earth’ kind of guy I would highly recommend.

Susan Carol, APR - President, Susan Carol Associates Public Relations, Inc.   

I have worked hard to earn a reputation as a Custom Homebuilder known for my high standards and attention to detail. I have referred J Duggan and Associates PC to a number of my clients over the years with great results. They tell me Joe really listens and responds with great design solutions. I will continue to refer Joe knowing that my clients will be in good hands with him.

Newlook Kitchen & Bath   

I have been involved over the past few years with J Duggan Associates providing the installation of Pools he has designed as part of overall Master plans. I find his designs creative-yet feasible, and more important-responsible. Joe seems to understand that a successful project is not about him, but the client. His understanding of the construction process is a big asset-he knows what can be done, what costs are involved and to be short, what is the highest and best use of the clients resources (finances). Joe also knows he doesn’t know it all and is quick to listen when I have a concern or ask questions when he needs to.

Don’t misunderstand me-Joe knows his ‘stuff’ having been in the business as long as I have -30 years or more- he also knows however he can’t necessarily be an expert in everything –experience has probably taught him that ! The projects Joe designs and I help to implement can be are complex, no one person is going to have all the best answers-teamwork is the answer and Joe knows this better than most. If you are looking for a Landscape Architect that has pretty much seen and done it all I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Joe. His down to earth de meaner is also a pleasure-no high and mighty type here! I look forward to working with Joe in the future and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing a Landscape Architect.

Jeff Gable - President Hunt Country Pools-Middleburg VA,   

We at Cornerstone Construction have worked closely with J. Duggan & Associates for several clients over the past couple years. The projects we collaborated on have varied greatly in price, yet Joe Duggan has given each detailed attention. He is creative and very professional to work with and we look forward to many more years of teamwork.

Cornerstone Construction - Front Royal Virginia   

We are extremely pleased with the services provided by Joe Duggan! We were still in the construction process of our new home, which was built on a large, challenging site. The builder personally recommended Joe, and he was engaged in the process early on. We were able to convey our personal desires for the hardscape and surrounding landscape to Joe, who responded with conceptual designs with options to ultimately bring the final design into fruition. It was our desire to bring the site of our home “back to nature” by utilizing native plantings – over 160 varieties. We could not be more pleased with the outcome and thoroughly enjoy watching our property mature to a natural landscape through each season. I would not hesitate to recommend Joe’s services to anyone seeking a professional, complete landscape design.

Patti Vanderbloemen and Laurie Krieg   

My wife and I had a very vague idea of what we wanted for a deck/patio combo on our new home. We knew we didn’t want a simple deck and slab for a patio so Joe helped clarify our thoughts. He was great to work with in that he listened to our wishes and made suggestions based on his experience to further enhance the design. His drawings and computer renderings of the project were great in allowing us to see what the final product would look like. Also, the contractor that he had come in to do the work was very punctual, courteous and professional.

We are very glad that we contacted Joe to help us design and build a very nice patio and deck. His help in making the project run very smoothly with minimum stress was greatly appreciated.

Gary and Cindy Denick - Lake Frederick, Virginia   
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Joe and I have been collaborating on projects for over 12 years. As an Architect, I realize that a project’s relationship to its site is a major factor in its success. Joe is a creative designer whose talent as a Landscape Architect can be a huge asset in making that work. More importantly however is his personal commitment to a project from design through final installation.
One of our early projects together in 2005 was a Lodge / Community Center in Canaan Valley. Joe and I worked closely on the signage, approach, entrance design, and traffic circulation to ensure a pleasant experience from arrival to departure. Since the site was covered with boulders which would have been costly to remove, Joe designed signage and entrance features by placing the boulders in groups and landscaping around them, saving the owner a significant amount of money while not compromising the design. As the date of the opening was approaching, the contractor was having difficulty locating and placing the boulders correctly. Joe dropped what he was doing to be on site. He personally instructed the proper placement of the boulders to ensure that they would complement the rustic nature of that area. The result was an attractive entrance and site that left a lasting impression on the visitors. The owner credits this success in part to Joe’s efforts and provided a complimentary letter thanking him for his efforts.
More recently in 2016, Joe and I were part of a team doing consultation work for a Community Center in Prince William County. The team provided a thorough analysis of expansion / renovation options. The project was a success and as always it was an enjoyable experience working with Joe.
I look forward to working with Joe in the future and would recommend him without hesitation to anyone needing the services of a Landscape Architect.

Tim Machado AIA - Architect/Owner Design Concepts Winchester Va   

Joe Duggan is an experienced landscape architect with a strong focus on landscape design (both the softscape and hardscape elements). He is a valued design colleague who brings a breadth of capabilities to each project effort.

Barry Carpenter - Principal Master Planner & Designer   

Joe took a mediocre design for our swimming pool, gazebo, pool house and 3,000 square foot hardscape and re-worked it to become amazing. It is absolutely gorgeous with the right amount of sun, shade and sunset view. Everyone who sees it remarks how spectacular it is with ramps and steps and even a shaded brook. Not only was the design outstanding but Joe followed the progress, made suggestions throughout the process and saw it to completion.

John Costello   

I enjoy a reputation for quality pool installation. Most of my work comes from referrals based on that reputation. I am therefore very protective of my reputation as it is the source of my livelihood. Over the past few years I have been involved with J Duggan Associates, having installed some high end pools/amenities he has designed and referring clients I have who need quality design work.

Joes design sense and creativity really make spaces work, they reflect the site and always seem to fill the clients ‘wish list’ I have yet to see any of his clients less than completely satisfied with the results. In fact they usually end up friends for the long term.

One the construction management side, I find Joe to be a professional who works well with others. His designs work well and make sense-his graphics and construction documentation are clear and do the job. I especially like the fact that his 3d modeling insures clients understand what they are getting. The ‘see’ it before it is installed easing their concerns and making the installation process a much enjoyable one.

Joe’s strongest asset however is that he doesn’t have a ‘ego’ or is defensive regarding his designs. If I have a concern or know a better way to do things-he wants to hear about it, in fact he encourages such dialogue. Joe respects my expertise and does not dictate-he listens, he considers us all a team with the goal of completing another successful project.

I look forward to working with Joe in the years to come and would not hesitate referring him to my clients, something I take very seriously.

Jim Walsh - JW Contracting-Manassas Va.   

As a civil engineer and project manager I have known and worked with J Duggan for close to 15 years in both my current position and previous one. Joe has worked on a number of my projects and I have done likewise on his. I have found Joe to be a talented Landscape Architect whose expertise is always an asset.
He can think ‘outside the box’ yet understands the construction process and pays attention to what is responsible design-always keeping the client’s wishes in mind He also believes in teamwork and values the expertise of others. In short working with Joe is a true collaboration with the end result being the better by his involvement.
Having traveled with Joe on such projects I can also attest to his easy going nature, long lines at airports or long trips in cars lets you get to know someone!
I look forward to many more projects with Joe and would heartily recommend him to anyone needing a Landscape Architect!

Niki Adhikusuma PE - Senior Engineer/Project Manager Alpha Corporation Winchester Virginia   

Alpha Corporation is a national civil and structural engineering firm that works throughout the United States and beyond for both Government and Private Clients. At times our work is demanding, having to meet strict design criteria and done according to a tight time table. We take pride in having a reputation for meeting such commitments and believe our growth is based on that.

I first utilized Joe Duggan in 2010 when the need for a Landscape Architect was required for such a project. Not having worked with Landscape Architects before-I was a bit apprehensive, but pleasantly surprised with Joe’s skill, professionalism and more important his ability to work as part of our team.

Joe has since worked with Alpha Corporation on a number of projects including work including a Roof Garden Design for Nimitz Library at the Annapolis Naval Academy and Numerous projects for the US Veterans Administration throughout the United States to name just a few.

His grass roots design/build experience has been a huge asset- he knows more than simple design theory and knows what it takes for a project to be built. He has a real knack for keeping things in line regarding complexity and budget issues.

Joe is well liked, and more importantly respected by our staff-in short he knows his field and is professional in getting things done. He is also not hesitant to go the extra mile, traveling on short notice or working late through the night or weekend. He makes our collaboration easy, working with all involved as needed in an easy going manner. In short he gets it done, making our projects that much better for having used him.

I would also note that J Duggan Associates PC’s low overhead due to office location and staff size makes them attractive to a firm like Alpha. I believe we have always done well financially when using Joe’s services.

I look forward to continued collaboration with Joe and would not hesitate to recommend him to other professionals needing a Landscape Architect.

Mike Damron - PE Vice President and GM National Capital Region Operations at Alpha Corporation - ‎Al   

I recently worked with Joe Duggan on a Master Plan for my residence in Loudoun County Va. which included numerous outdoor spaces, pool, pavilion, and fire pit, along with plantings and lighting throughout. His designs were imaginative yet practical, and his communication skills were great (both graphics and verbal). His ability to listen insured I was involved throughout and that my thoughts were always given serious consideration. His ability to work with contractors was also excellent. The end result was a project that exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone considering a Landscape Architect.

- Thomas West   

I have worked with Joe on projects large and small since 1988. As a professional horticulturalist and nurseryman, I appreciate Joe's knowledge of plant material and appropriate application of trees and shrubs in a landscape. He not only draws a pretty picture, but creates functional, maintainable outdoor spaces that add value to homes and business. I do not hesitate in recommending Joe for any project.

Tom Neil - Warrenton Virginia   

Joe took the time to get to know the site and understand how I wanted to use it. His design addressed everything including the natural site features -- especially the view of the Blue Ridge Mountains -- in short he really took advantage of the situation, using the 'borrowed' landscape to create a space that answers all my needs while affording fantastic views at the same time.

We have since been working together to implement the plan. Joe began the process by taking the time and introducing me to a past client who had a similar project done and is now a good friend of his (which should say something!). I was able to see how certain things worked both in the aesthetic sense and in the practical functions. Once all the details were set, Joe then arranged for items to be bid through his 'selective' list of contractors and craftsmen, which was a great resource being I was new to the area. We worked together throughout the bidding process, reviewing the bids and interviewing the contractors.

Once the team was selected and the construction began, Joe stopped by whenever a new phase was beginning and made it a point to be available to answer questions as they came up. I found his respect for the tradesmen and his willingness to listen and encourage dialogue to be a great asset. He is not afraid to look at things from different perspectives and has throughout the process involved myself and the tradesmen by listening to our ideas and concerns in order to insure the best decisions were made-no matter who made them.

The project is now nearing completion and I am pleased to say has gone exceptionally well. I believe Joe’s method of design/construction management really works. He does what he does best and brings in others who are also the best at what they do. I would recommend Joe and his stable of tradesmen without reservation.

T Barnhart   

I have worked hard to earn a reputation as a Custom Homebuilder known for my high standards and attention to detail. Part of my success has been making sure the professionals who work on my projects share those standards.

I have worked with and known Joe Duggan going on 20 years using him on a number of projects throughout that time. His quality of design, attention to detail, and ability to listen to my clients and exceed their expectations has always ensured a successful project. The high standards I set are never a problem for Joe -- my reputation is in good hands.

- Mike Garcia   

In 2010, my wife and I purchased a beautiful 68 acre farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. The farmhouse, originally built in 1817, and then expanded in 1867, was in fairly original condition, and optimally located in the center of the property. It's most significant problem, however, was water. Rain water would shed off the nearby ridge, and pool in front of the house, and then ultimately leak through the hand dug cellar walls and cracks in the cement floor. The sump pump in the basement would run for weeks after a single heavy rain. Our little Garden of Eden was becoming a swamp.

Consequently, we looked to Joe Duggan of J. Duggan & Associates to help structurally, and permanently, solve our water problem. This was our first time working with a landscape architect. Joe recommended and coordinated the hiring of several key professionals to assist with the design of the project, namely a topographer/surveyor and an arborist. The topographer mapped the elevations around the farm house and associated ridge, and determined the various sources of the water pooling in front of the house. The arborist identified which of the seven 150 year old trees that closely ringed the house were still healthy, and which were in failing condition.

With this data, Joe created several drafts of various front patio and stone retaining wall configurations that primarily solved our water problem, but also took advantage of the fabulous views from our front porch. The project plan we ultimately settled on was both simple and elegant, and in perfect keeping with the age of the house and surrounding farm land. The stone patio and stone retaining wall were built on reinforced concrete that had a series of drains embedded within the structure that successfully discharged water away from the house. Having stated that though, the drains are cleverly concealed within the patio and surrounding grounds. The patio is perfect for entertaining while it performs its utilitarian task of keeping water out of the house.

As we were new to the area, Joe also identified a stone mason/general contractor who actually built the patio and retaining walls according to his specifications. During construction, it seemed to us that one set of stone piers looked like they were going to be too high. Joe immediately came out, sat in the front porch chairs that we were sitting in, and agreed that the offending piers could be shortened. In the end, we have been exceptionally pleased with the work and care that Joe put into this project. The front porch/stone patio/stone retaining walls are beautiful, and in keeping with the spirit of our house and farm.

Pixie Ruhlmann   

I have known J Duggan Associates PC for well over 10 years. I have worked with Joe myself on a number of projects and I have also referred Joe to my Clients. I have found him to be creative, professional, and timely. He is also known for being involved in our community, offering his expertise without being asked. I wouldn't hesitate to use him again or refer him to future clients.

Allan Nicholls Construction   

I have known Joe for twenty years ever since I was on the town council and he was on the Town planning commission. I know that he pays a great amount of detail to his projects, and with the input of his clients, always designs a superb product. I have had him design an entrance walkway to my former home. And, more recently, he designed a memorial garden for my son, who recently passed away. He understood exactly what my wife and I were looking for and he did an amazing job. He is truly a professional in his craft and I would highly recommend him for any project, large or small.

Tony Carter - Board of Supervisors Warren County Va   

We recently worked with Joe to develop a rear yard master plan to address challenges and accommodate our specific need to provide a secure space for our young son along and provide access from the driveway and detached garage. The design needed to address all of this in a limited user space due to a large slope facing the house running the length of the rear yard. Joe listened to our concerns and came up with a creative yet practical solution that worked within our budget.
Once the design was completed Joe helped us select a company from his network of contractors that was well suited to the work that needed to be done. He didn’t stop there but stayed with us throughout the project, sometimes showing up unannounced to check on progress. In fact when the sod delivery was delayed and a storm approaching, Joe actually helped to lay the sod to insure we beat the rain! We are very happy with the result and the process used. We found Joe to be a good listener and responsive to our needs. I would feel confident recommending Joe as a qualified Landscape Architect to anyone considering an exterior renovation. He can help you from concept to completion.

Kay Gunn - Front Royal VA   

JDA designed our pool and outdoor living area. He exceeded our wildest dreams of creating a unique space where friends and family love to gather throughout the year. It also serves as a beautiful retreat for unwinding with a good book. – Bill & Reneé, Purcellville, VA

Bill Brohard - Purcellville Virginia   

Highly recommended! JDA was hired to provide landscape design service for a residential project. (backyard transformation plus swimming pool). Joe is very knowledgeable in landscape design; budget-conscious and flexible, and willing to work with the client. He is punctual, easy to communicate with, and has the talent for 'listening'. Successful projects begin with a successful design phase, and Joe has exceeded expectations. Will post photos after work completion

Tom Siragusa - Winchester Virginia   

Thank you for the superb job you did in designing and installing the Entrance to our Tuscan Ridge Community. It looks terrific and really sets a “World Class Tone”

It meant a lot to me when we had problems with the setting of the landscaping boulders and you drove up and directed the crew where to place them allowing us to meet our deadline.

Your efforts enabled us to have a successful grand opening in a down market. We wrote eight deals over the weekend for over 1 million dollars’

I would gladly use your services again on any future jobs.

Justin Folds - Vice President North American Land Corporation   

Joe Duggan is a talented landscape designer - our yard looks beautiful! He was professional and respectful of our wishes and ideas. He also suggested ways to get more for our money. He oversaw the whole operation and made sure that the job was done right. We recommend him most highly.

- Michael Raymond Burns   

Joe was hired by Warren County to provide a landscape design for Route 340/522 corridor. With Joes help we were able to develop an affordable multi- phased plan to improve the aesthetics of the corridor as time and funding allowed. Several years have passed and several phases of the project are complete. As Chairman of the Warren County Board of Supervisors I have received countless compliments from residents and visitors on how the project has made the entrance to the community better, Joe understood the needs of the community and provided a cost effective approach that made the project feasible.

Richard Traczyk - Chairman Warren County Board of Supervisors   

Preparing Your Lawn for Summer

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Preparing Your Lawn for Summer

Now that your new landscape design is complete you can certainly sit back and enjoy the wonderful view. But, having a well planned landscape that’s new and fresh can quickly diminish over the seasons if not properly cared for. With any new season we need to consider natures path and plan accordingly. Now that warmer days are upon us, we are more than ready to take in the sun, play in the yard, and just relax in the great outdoors. Lawn care may not be #1 on anyone’s favorite to-do list however, it should be a priority. Your home can continue to be the home with the lush green yard. Don’t let the summer heat and dryness ruin your investment.

Take a look at these few simple tips for preparing your lawn for summer and continued maintenance:

  1. Remove Sunlight-Blocking Thatch
  2. Aerate Your Lawn to Provide Necessary Nutrients
  3. Reseed Barren Patches
  4. Lime Your Lawn to Balance Acidity
  5. Mow Your Lawn to an Appropriate Height
  6. Water During Dry Spells
  7. Fertilize to Maintain Healthy Growth

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