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Landscape Planning – Dealing with Sloped Yards

One of the biggest obstacles that can present itself during landscape planning stages is working with the lay of the land. Sure, there are those projects that are complete architectural overhauls when it comes to the land you have to work with. You have the option to...

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Have you Consider Dark Fences?

So often homeowners are hesitant to put up a much needed and functional fence because they don’t want to sacrifice the appeal of the landscape or view. Although there is no way around a fence creating some sort of limitations to your view or yard boarder, there are...

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Inviting Garden with Room for Outdoor Entertaining

Working with smaller spaces can be a challenge. Not thinking outside the box can send home owners in the direction of not getting the results they wish for. Not loving the end product after putting time, money and hard work into the project can be a haunting reminder...

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Get Year-Round Beauty With Matrix Planting in Your Garden

Benjamin Vogt, Owner of Monarch Gardens LLC,  wrote an article about creating a matrix planting earlier this month and reminded me of just how beautiful matrix gardens can be when a client requests a sustainable landscape option. What Is Matrix Planting? A matrix...

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10 Landscape Design Tips from Frederick Law Olmsted

If you've never tackled a landscape design before, you might be overwhelmed by all the choices you can make. Keep reading to see 10 landscape design tips from the founding father of landscape architecture, Frederick Law Olmsted. 1. Respect “genius of the place”....

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