I recently read the following article Why Copenhagen is such a fantastic place for bicycling and thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could start doing more of this? Communities built for biking….When you think about it, why can’t we? Is it the fear of change? Is it laziness of accommodating other means of transportation and efforts that would have to go into making that more accommodating? The fault in our society is we see too much of the cons and not enough pros!

As the author share in the article “These are everywhere. It’s not just the main streets or a few selected bike boulevards. Virtually every street of any appreciable size had one. It was almost strange to encounter a street with any traffic that didn’t. The typical medium-sized street had two car lanes (one each way), two bike lanes of the same width (one each way), and a sidewalk on each side. As an old city, the streets are fairly narrow (and, honestly, the sidewalks were pretty narrow and are made of cobblestones; it might be a bike mecca, but the walking experience could be better). So how can there be enough room?”

Would you bike more if it was safer and more convenient?