No matter whether you are hiring a landscape architect for your residential or commercial, institutional or government landscaping project, the bottom line is still one of the main concerns.

How much is this project going to cost?

Even though the scope and size of a project might change, there are elements that remain the same when it comes to pricing. What drives the cost of a landscape job?

Let’s find out.

The 3 Cost Determinations for a Landscape Job

The three main elements we look at when pricing a landscape job are: materials, complexity and size.


With every job, there are hard costs for materials. We might be pouring a concrete slab for a patio or installing stone pavers on a walkway or patio. We could be building retaining walls or other architectural structures.

All of these require materials like stone, brick, concrete, etc. To complete a landscape job, we often add plantings like trees, shrubbery or flowers.


Before we begin construction on a landscape job, we create a master plan. This gives us a guideline to the final product and helps us determine how much work needs to go into preparing the site itself.

  • Does it need grading and excavating?
  • Are there drainage issues we need to address?

Some jobs are relatively simple, while others require much more work to create the landscape you desire. We may need to include extra manpower hours or bring on additional equipment, which adds to the bottom line.


Another element that can drive the cost of a landscape job is the size of the project itself. If you are creating an entire master estate plan, the project is huge and will require more. If you are simply adding a fire pit and surrounding patio, the scope of the project is much, much smaller and will take less time, manpower and materials.

Increase your Property’s Value with Professional Landscaping

According to the research done by the Virginia Cooperative Extension, landscaping is one of the surest ways to pump up the value of your property.

Going from a plain lawn and a concrete driveway to a well-landscaped lot raises a home’s perceived value by 12.7%.

An increase in perceived value is also true for commercial properties, while a poorly-landscaped property can detract from the value in either.

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A professional landscape architect will design a plan looking at architectural features, irrigation and drainage, lighting, soil conditions, and greenery. This is all part of what drives the cost of a landscape job.

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