Federal Landscape Architect

Creative & realistic perspectives for Federal Architecture and Engineering Landscape Projects

25 years of construction management experience has refined what works and what doesn’t. This ensures that the designs presented are realistic, and meets budget.

J Duggan and Associates have been included on peer review teams reviewing the Landscape Architecture aspect of various projects throughout the country for the Veteran’s Administration.

Federal Landscape Architect in VA, WV, DC, MD, NC

Registration:  Licensed Landscape Architect: VA # 000531

Joe Duggan has more than 35 years diverse experience in Landscape Architecture.

Recreational facility design, site planning and design, institution and community design and wayfinding design.

Experienced with a variety of site development projects ranging from single-family homes to small and large institutional and commercial projects, along with review of Federal Projects for Veteran’s Administration.

Total project management experience ranges from site analysis, initial conceptual design, final design with specifications, to supervision of the contractual and construction phase.

Technical experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Project Administration
  • Site analysis
  • Site Design
  • Planting Design
  • Land use planning
  • Wayfinding
  • Planting
  • Hardscape design
  • Grading and erosion control
  • Irrigation
  • Lighting (low voltage)
  • Patio
  • Deck
  • Pool/aquatic design
  • Playgrounds
  • Therapeutic gardens and park environments.

Federal Landscape Design Projects

As Landscape Architects, J Duggan and Associates has been involved in numerous Federal Architecture-Engineering-Land Development Projects. We have primarily  worked as a Landscape Architecture subcontractor to larger Architecture and Engineering firms.


Ready Availability

Our rural location and limited overhead brings you competitive rates unfound in metropolitan areas such as Northern Virginia. We are however available for meetings in the DC region ( 70 miles away), and if need be just about anywhere else through Dulles Airport which is less than approx. 1 hour away.

Personal & Attentive

Our firm has been in existence for 15 years and has limited debt-so it will be here in the long run. Our small size ensures that Joe Duggan personally brings his 30 years of experience to every project. We do not delegate to less experienced personnel.

Large & Small Projects

Although we can and do handle relatively large projects, we are well suited to handle small items that might be problematic for you and too small to be of interest to other firms.

For example- a planting plan that needs to be included on an overall project-or a small outdoor space that needs to be incorporated into a building’s site plan.


Collaborative & On Time

We pride ourselves on being team players. We pay careful attention to the design program developed, what our responsibilities are, and the timelines created for completion.

We have always been on time and under budget and intend to continue doing so. We believe we shine when the team does. Numerous times, repeat firms have invited us to participate in their teams on projects.


We very much appreciate the design you have created for us. The landscape/pool design was very intriguing, and we love the way you designed the driveway and the front entrance walk. They add a lot of interest to the house and general design. Looks like we will soon be breaking ground, and it is great to have this concept plan to work with.

greenefamily17  August 2016

I have worked with Joe on projects large and small since 1988. As a professional horticulturalist and nurseryman, I appreciate Joe's knowledge of plant material and appropriate application of trees and shrubs in a landscape. He not only draws a pretty picture, but creates functional, maintainable outdoor spaces that add value to homes and business. I do not hesitate in recommending Joe for any project.

Nicki Neil 
Nicki Neil

I have been associated with Joe for several years on a professional level, and he sets the bar high. We operate in complementary businesses, and its great to have someone in my network I can trust with my referrals. I highly recommend him.

BSM Properties LLC 
BSM Properties LLC

We have worked with Joe on numerous projects over the last 10 years - both large and small. His attention to detail, creativity and flexibility make him a pleasure to work with.

Dan Swiger 
Dan Swiger

I was considering improvements for my residence in Frederick County which included a pool with hot tub and its surrounds featuring an outdoor fireplace. The site itself is unique- so I was concerned with whom to work with regarding this, I was especially concerned that the design not intrude on a view I have of a lake bordering my property. In short I wanted the pool and surrounds to complement the overall aesthetics of my property, not compete with it. I was also concerned with finding the proper contractors to help with the installation of the project once the design was complete. I decided that a ‘Master’ Plan needed to be prepared in order to cover all the options and just as important establish and work with a budget I was comfortable with.

Joe took the time to get to know the site and understand how I wanted to use it. Joe’s style is very collaborative-keeping the client involved. Once he completed initial sketches of options for the space he met with both myself and my children to discuss the options and listened closely to our feedback. Once an option was selected (with modifications based on feedback) Joe kept us in the loop by sending updates of the design via graphics sent by email and follow up meetings. The end result was a design that we were satisfied with.

Once all the details were set Joe then arranged for items to be bid through his list of contractors and craftsmen, We met with numerous contractors, requested and reviewed the bids, revising the design as needed, and sending them out again for revised estimates. Once the team was selected, Joe helped with contract negotiations, making it a point to be available to answer questions as they came up. I particularly appreciate his knowledge of the trades and his willingness to listen and revise the design per contractor’s feedback- in short he has a real respect for the folks who do the actual work-making this a collaborative effort.

The project has been completed I am pleased to say things went well , and I look forward to enjoying my new space for years to come. I would recommend Joe to anyone considering a project of this type themselves, they will be in good hands.

Richie Wilkins  March 2016
Richie Wilkins

Selection of Recent Federal Landscape Architecture Projects

Fort Detrick Auditorium and Training Center, Fort Detrick, Frederick, MD
Landscape Architect Responsible for design of new entrance and outdoor plaza for a new 20,000 SF Auditorium and Training Center. Hardscape and Landscape improvements were required to complete the building interior retrofit and reuse as a training center.

The entrance area plans provide a direct access for visitors while also provide exterior break-out space for informal conversations during training and events. Site features were also designed to meet UFC AT/FP requirements and encourage the use of bikes by incorporate bike parking in unobtrusive but convenient areas.

Massachusetts National Cemetery Phase III Expansion, Bourne, MA
Landscape Architect responsible for peer review of plans to expand and enhance the National Cemetery. Proposed improvements include provision for an additional 8,830 pre placed crypts, 4,500 columbarium niches, as well as provisions for in ground cremains.

Improvements to associated lawns and plantings as well as enhancement of the existing maintenance and Administration and Visitor areas and landscape are also proposed.

Community ActivitiesVeterans Administration MC-Marion Illinois Mental Health Building
Landscape Architect responsible for Master Landscape Plan for mental health building, including front plaza , parking lot layout access paths, planting and tree preservation, integration of site into existing campus.
Roof Terrace Renovation/Repair-United States Naval Academy; Annapolis MD for Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Washington D.C.
Overall project was renovation of a Central Plaza on a Roof Terrace in the heart of the Naval Academy including removal replacement of existing paving system, providing new roof membrane to stop existing leaking problems and complete renovation of Landscape.

Estimated construction costs 4.5 Million dollars. J Duggan was Landscape Architect responsible for Planting/landscape design for the renovation of the approx. 50,000 sq ft Roof Terrace/Outdoor plaza.

Design included analysis/consultation regarding existing plantings (why they did not perform well) in order to provide direction in new selection of plantings. Work also involved specifications regarding soils and installation techniques for 8-10′ trees in existing roof waffle structure and tree pits.

Visn 1 New England Healthcare System—Facility Condition Assessments - Department of Veterans Affairs
The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) is charged with the management of one of the most extensive capital asset portfolios in the nation. In that regard VA has created a Capital Asset Inventory (CAI) which contains all the key data needed to describe the existing infrastructure.

J. Duggan Associates as part of a team performed tours, interviews, inspections, and research at each of the VA Medical Centers within VISN 1 (New England) with the purpose of updating the existing conditions.

The previous database for VISN 1 contained 393 buildings for a total of 7,965,203 gross square feet. The assessment added 69 new buildings or 47,927 square feet to the data base. The existing data was used as the basis from which to begin the update and Alpha and the team provided an independent and consistent assessment of all facilities.

The data was then used, along with updated needs/patient analysis to revise the Master Plans for 6 of the 11 Campuses in the VISN .J. Duggan Associates assisted in the review of all Landscape Architectural elements-plants, amenities, outdoor spaces etc. as well as assisting in overall site analysis and then Master Planning of the facilities with other member of the team.

Mount Weather Facility; Loudoun County Virginia
Landscape Architect responsible for Master Landscape Plan for new Emergency Facilities building, including planting and tree preservation along with integration of site into existing campus.

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