Sharing the next phase following my last post Residential Landscape Design: Installing a pool

This pool set on the knoll of a small hill in the rear of the residence so everything flows down hill (lower elevations) from the back of the house. Even the pool itself was designed with a nice retention wall on its downhill side. All of the stone work involved uses the same material that is on the residence to tie everything together. I’m a big fan of stone-especially in settings like this! When we use the same materials incorporated in the main structure it gives the feeling that everything was built with each other in mind. It provides a sense of flow and serenity to your outdoor living space.

I would like to note that the project isn’t 100% finished as the plantings and landscape still need to be installed.

A little reminder-If you are thinking about having something like this done and ready for next swimming season….now is the time to get going! The process from design to build is long when planning correctly, it’s best to start your projects in the off-season to ensure completion during the desired timeframe. Contact us today to get started!

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