I’ve once thought about doing something like this! As an honest and hard working business owner who always aims to please, it seems a bit unfair that there are numerous sites to review companies (unaccounted for) and one bad “unjustified” review can cause real damage to a reputation of a true and trustworthy business. It only makes sense to have the other side of the coin shown, allow businesses to perform the same helpful reviews. I would love to hear what others think!

“The website went live earlier this year and is already gaining popularity nationwide. Unlike similar websites, such as nastyclient.com, ContractorsCustomers.com is not just a blacklist for troublesome customers who do not pay on time. The website encourages businesses to review all types of customers as this helps other businesses find potential customers who they would work well with. Business owners can not only look up customers but subcontractors can review general contractors and businesses can review suppliers. –

Read more at: www.totallandscapecare.com