Landscape Architect / Landscape Design

Visualize Your Dreams.

Enjoy the comfort a professional landscape architect can provide to your landscape design project. We’ll listen to your plans, help to clarify ideas, and provide the best plan to accomplish what you envision.

Landscape Design Services From an Experienced Professional

Looking for professional advice regarding your landscaping projects? Our 30+ years of experience as landscape architects and contractors can add invaluable insights to the plans you already have, or provide design ideas to achieve your vision of your landscape.

Residential Landscape Design

Design an estate to be proud of. Over the past 35 years, we have shared our residential landscape design expertise with thousands of homeowners, and completed hundreds of projects. These projects have ranged in scope from simple entryways to the master planning and installation of large estates with. Our experience includes plantings, lighting, decks, terraces, patios, pools, water features, walls, and grading. We listen to what you want, and share from our experience how to make that happen! J Duggan & Associates offers a comprehensive analysis of your landscape needs and then designs a solution that includes it all. We are able to offer services that not only enhance your home and lifestyle but fit your budget as well. It’s your home, and it should look like your dreams. Call us today to share your project plans!

Commercial Landscape Design

J Duggan & Associates is an experienced commercial landscape architect, capable of acting as a primary consultant or of collaborating on multi-disciplinary team projects as a sub-consultant. Our successful completion of numerous institutional, commercial, and recreational projects both in local jurisdictions and nationally over the last fifteen years demonstrates our commitment to and success in working with others. In addition to our track record, as planners, we have created numerous subdivision layouts and master plans. We have extensive experience in presenting such projects to public agencies and political bodies, having been on them ourselves! In the end we can not only help you get the project designed–but also get you approved. Call us today to share more about your commercial landscape architecture and design project!

Water Feature Designs

We have been designing landscapes and providing pool designs for over 30 years, and our attention to the thoughts and desires of our clients is what sets us apart. Our experience includes design of the pool itself, with waterfalls and spas, along with plantings, decks, lighting, patios, terraces, and grading. We pay attention to the whole context, not just the individual pool itself. Its aesthetic qualities and how it relates to the site is just as important as a pool’s function as a place to swim. We focus on how a pool is viewed just as much as how it is used. What’s more, we don’t simply design your pool and then leave you to sort out the rest. We consider everything, both installation requirements and amenities, and manage our specially chosen and trusted contractors to complete the project to your liking. Call us today!

Federal Landscape Design

Creative & realistic perspectives for Federal Architecture and Engineering Landscape Projects. 25 years of construction management experience has refined what works and what doesn’t. This ensures that the designs presented are realistic, and meets budget. J Duggan and Associates have been included on peer review teams reviewing the Landscape Architecture aspect of various projects throughout the country for the Veteran’s Administration.