One of the biggest obstacles that can present itself during landscape planning stages is working with the lay of the land. Sure, there are those projects that are complete architectural overhauls when it comes to the land you have to work with.

You have the option to flatten it out, fill in the natural dips, and recreate the area exactly the way you want it. On the other side, you can be very limited to the extent of changes you can make; whether for budget reasons, construction limitations, HOA restrictions, or simply not wanting to mess with the nature of your land.

When we find ourselves in similar situations, there are unlimited options in the creativity of how to play into the curvatures that exist.

You can utilize natural elements, planting features that can adapt to levels needed. You can also marry together the concepts of built-in structures and landscaping to create a wonderful oasis that is visually appealing and functional.

Take a look at this idea inspiring article I read on HOUZZ. It presents solutions to the common problems you can come across during your landscape planning.

“Steep or hilly yards can pose some of the biggest landscaping challenges, but also some of the most beautiful solutions. Make the most of your sloped lot with artful stone, terraces, built-ins or even a slide — these 10 creative outdoor spaces tackle the problem with style.”


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