Pool Design

Immerse yourself in a delightful showpiece that enhances your property.

Looking for a rofessionally designed pool, water feature, waterfalls and spas lush with plants, lighting, decks, terraces, patios, and grading?

We look at the entire picture, not just the pool itself. Any water feature is part of its overall landscape, and aesthetics are key.

Many simply enjoy seeing their pools and water features as much as they use them.

Pool Landscaping

Practical pool design solutions that enhance your home and lifestyle, and fit your budget as well.

Get a comprehensive analysis of your needs. Then we design a solution that includes everything.

You don’t just get a pool design that leaves you to figure out the rest. We consider everything, from items required as part of the installation (fencing, grading, and soil removal), to other amenities for your consideration: landscaping, lighting, patios, outdoor kitchens, and pavilions.

Our projects have included simple pools, to the design and installation of major water features and surroundings with project costs well in excess of six figures.

Enjoy a realistic estimate of all the costs associated with your project.

Water Feature Design Services

We offer a complete range of water feature design services, including:

  • Pools of any style or size
  • Spas
  • Water Features
  • Fountains
  • Surrounds (Patio, Deck etc)
  • Trellis, Arbors
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Fireplaces
  • Fences
  • Plantings
  • Lighting
  • Walkways, Entries
  • Irrigation

Visualization, & the Personal Touch

We can also help you to visualize proposed solutions through top-quality graphics, sketches, drawings and 3d modeling. We make the process friendly and easy to use through plenty of personal interaction.


JDA designed our pool and outdoor living area. He exceeded our wildest dreams of creating a unique space where friends and family love to gather throughout the year. It also serves as a beautiful retreat for unwinding with a good book.

Bill & Reneé   Purcellville VA
Bill & Reneé

Joe took a mediocre design for our swimming pool, gazebo, pool house and 3,000 square foot hardscape and re-worked it to become amazing. It is absolutely gorgeous with the right amount of sun, shade and sunset view. Everyone who sees it remarks how spectacular it is with ramps and steps and even a shaded brook. Not only was the design outstanding but Joe followed the progress, made suggestions throughout the process and saw it to completion.

John Costello  
John Costello

I have been involved over the past few years with J Duggan Associates providing the installation of Pools he has designed as part of overall Master plans. I find his designs creative-yet feasible, and more important-responsible. Joe seems to understand that a successful project is not about him, but the client. His understanding of the construction process is a big asset-he knows what can be done, what costs are involved and to be short, what is the highest and best use of the clients resources (finances). Joe also knows he doesn’t know it all and is quick to listen when I have a concern or ask questions when he needs to.

Don’t misunderstand me-Joe knows his ‘stuff’ having been in the business as long as I have -30 years or more- he also knows however he can’t necessarily be an expert in everything –experience has probably taught him that ! The projects Joe designs and I help to implement can be are complex, no one person is going to have all the best answers-teamwork is the answer and Joe knows this better than most. If you are looking for a Landscape Architect that has pretty much seen and done it all I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Joe. His down to earth demeanour is also a pleasure-no high and mighty type here! I look forward to working with Joe in the future and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing a Landscape Architect.

Jeff Gable   President, Hunt Country Pools, Middleburg VA
Jeff Gable

I recently worked with Joe Duggan on a Master Plan for my residence in Loudoun County, VA. which included numerous outdoor spaces, pool, pavilion, and fire pit, along with plantings and lighting throughout. His designs were imaginative yet practical, and his communication skills were great (both graphics and verbal). His ability to listen insured I was involved throughout and that my thoughts were always given serious consideration. His ability to work with contractors was also excellent. The end result was a project that exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone considering a Landscape Architect.

Thomas West 
Thomas West

I was considering improvements for my residence in Frederick County which included a pool with hot tub and its surrounds featuring an outdoor fireplace. The site itself is unique- so I was concerned with whom to work with regarding this, I was especially concerned that the design not intrude on a view I have of a lake bordering my property. In short I wanted the pool and surrounds to complement the overall aesthetics of my property, not compete with it. I was also concerned with finding the proper contractors to help with the installation of the project once the design was complete. I decided that a ‘Master’ Plan needed to be prepared in order to cover all the options and just as important establish and work with a budget I was comfortable with.

Joe took the time to get to know the site and understand how I wanted to use it. Joe’s style is very collaborative-keeping the client involved. Once he completed initial sketches of options for the space he met with both myself and my children to discuss the options and listened closely to our feedback. Once an option was selected (with modifications based on feedback) Joe kept us in the loop by sending updates of the design via graphics sent by email and follow up meetings. The end result was a design that we were satisfied with.

Once all the details were set Joe then arranged for items to be bid through his list of contractors and craftsmen, We met with numerous contractors, requested and reviewed the bids, revising the design as needed, and sending them out again for revised estimates. Once the team was selected, Joe helped with contract negotiations, making it a point to be available to answer questions as they came up. I particularly appreciate his knowledge of the trades and his willingness to listen and revise the design per contractor’s feedback- in short he has a real respect for the folks who do the actual work-making this a collaborative effort.

The project has been completed I am pleased to say things went well , and I look forward to enjoying my new space for years to come. I would recommend Joe to anyone considering a project of this type themselves, they will be in good hands.

Richie Wilkins  March 2016
Richie Wilkins