Now that your new landscape design is complete you can certainly sit back and enjoy the wonderful view. But, having a well planned landscape that’s new and fresh can quickly diminish over the seasons if not properly cared for.

With any new season we need to consider natures path and plan accordingly. Now that warmer days are upon us, we are more than ready to take in the sun, play in the yard, and just relax in the great outdoors. Lawn care may not be #1 on anyone’s favorite to-do list however, it should be a priority. Your home can continue to be the home with the lush green yard.

Don’t let the summer heat and dryness ruin your investment.

Take a look at these few simple tips for preparing your lawn for summer and continued maintenance:

  1. Remove Sunlight-Blocking Thatch
  2. Aerate Your Lawn to Provide Necessary Nutrients
  3. Reseed Barren Patches
  4. Lime Your Lawn to Balance Acidity
  5. Mow Your Lawn to an Appropriate Height
  6. Water During Dry Spells
  7. Fertilize to Maintain Healthy Growth
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