The story of mistletoe, one of the “forever” staples of the holiday season. This lovely plant has held its own throughout the history of many holiday traditions.

Leading to the popular, fun and romantic act of kissing when standing underneath the hanging mistletoe, it may surprise some to find out what may not be known of this wonderful plant. For example, did you know that there are over 1,500 species of this plant and it’s actually poisonous if ingested? Still beautiful to look at and decorate with I felt the article below was an interesting Christmas story.

I came across this article from sharing a few facts that most might not know. “According to Live Science, one of the first known groups to have a tradition involving mistletoe were the Celts, namely the Druids, who believed that it had sacred powers related to vivacity.

They tended to decorate homes with mistletoe during the summer and winter solstices. The most commonly cited reason for why mistletoe and kissing became connected is the Norse myth of Baldur, god of light and son of the goddess of love, Frigga.”

Have a merry read!

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