We very much appreciate the design you have created for us. The landscape/pool design was very intriguing, and we love the way you designed the driveway and the front entrance walk. They add a lot of interest to the house and general design. Looks like we will soon be breaking ground, and it is great to have this concept plan to work with.

I have worked with Joe on projects large and small since 1988. As a professional horticulturalist and nurseryman, I appreciate Joe's knowledge of plant material and appropriate application of trees and shrubs in a landscape. He not only draws a pretty picture, but creates functional, maintainable outdoor spaces that add value to homes and business. I do not hesitate in recommending Joe for any project.

I have been associated with Joe for several years on a professional level, and he sets the bar high. We operate in complementary businesses, and its great to have someone in my network I can trust with my referrals. I highly recommend him.

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