Warmer months are always the popular request times for landscape design and assistance.

Yes, it is the optimal time to plan and execute your new backyard oasis but we can’t forget about all the hard work and effort when the colder months hit. Winter landscape prep is just as crucial for your landscape designs to flourish and last for years to come.

During the planning and design stage for any project, I work closely with my clients and my team to understand the wants of the clients designs with the ability and needs of the landscape architecture to execute the plan effectively.

Taking into consideration the surrounding climate is a just as important as looking into the visual appeal that plants can bring. It can be very upsetting come the following spring and the investment you worked so hard towards doesn’t “spring” back the way it should.

The following article provides some great tips on preparing your landscape for the winter months to help protect them until spring.

“There are numerous kinds of damage landscape plants can sustain, so here are some of the common types, how to distinguish them from one another and how to prevent or minimize plant injury.”

Like those listed below: – See more here

  • Winter Burn
  • Sun Scald
  • Salt Damage
  • Snow Damage
  • Root Injury
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