Dan Swiger

We have worked with Joe on numerous projects over the last 10 years - both large and small. His attention to detail, creativity and flexibility make him a pleasure to work with.

Richie Wilkins

I was considering improvements for my residence in Frederick County which included a pool with hot tub and its surrounds featuring an outdoor fireplace. The site itself is unique- so I was concerned with whom to work with regarding this, I was especially concerned that the design not intrude on a view I have of a lake bordering my property. In short I wanted the pool and surrounds to complement the overall aesthetics of my property, not compete with it. I was also concerned with finding the proper contractors to help with the installation of the project once the design was complete. I decided that a ‘Master’ Plan needed to be prepared in order to cover all the options and just as important establish and work with a budget I was comfortable with.

Joe took the time to get to know the site and understand how I wanted to use it. Joe’s style is very collaborative-keeping the client involved. Once he completed initial sketches of options for the space he met with both myself and my children to discuss the options and listened closely to our feedback. Once an option was selected (with modifications based on feedback) Joe kept us in the loop by sending updates of the design via graphics sent by email and follow up meetings. The end result was a design that we were satisfied with.

Once all the details were set Joe then arranged for items to be bid through his list of contractors and craftsmen, We met with numerous contractors, requested and reviewed the bids, revising the design as needed, and sending them out again for revised estimates. Once the team was selected, Joe helped with contract negotiations, making it a point to be available to answer questions as they came up. I particularly appreciate his knowledge of the trades and his willingness to listen and revise the design per contractor’s feedback- in short he has a real respect for the folks who do the actual work-making this a collaborative effort.

The project has been completed I am pleased to say things went well , and I look forward to enjoying my new space for years to come. I would recommend Joe to anyone considering a project of this type themselves, they will be in good hands.

March 2016

Joe is in the process of creating a magical firepit and walking trail on our woodsy property. Joe has been very timely with his communications and shared his expert advice about how to best highlight the natural beauty of our property. We have also appreciated Joe's honesty about his personal opinions (like when he agreed we should wait a year to consider putting in a pool until we have a better sense of the place) and his care in communicating in great detail via email.

October 2017
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